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EMOTIONAL feat. Torae

prod. Ahmed Soultan

TEKITHA, who hails from California, shot to worldwide fame and recognition as the female voice of WU TANG CLAN. For a while, this talented vocalist took on the role of Wu-Tang Clan's in-house singer and performed on many legendary tracks. She featured prominently on award winning 4x platinum album Wu-Tang Forever, on which she also had a solo track titled "Second Coming". Read more

Her current project Week of the Phoenix sees Tekitha delving into new, exc1t1ng territory working with producer / singer-songwriter Ahmed Soultan from Morocco. Award-winning artist Soultan created his own Afrobian style of music, progressively blending African and Arabic elements with a contemporary edge. In Morocco, Tekitha found a calm and inspiring environment, the solitude of the desert and the energy of century-old traditional villages that inspired her songwriting.


New single 'EMOTIONAL' 



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