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EMOTIONAL feat. Torae

prod. Ahmed Soultan

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TEKITHA, who hails from California, shot to worldwide fame and recognition as the female voice of WU TANG CLAN. For a while, this talented vocalist took on the role of Wu-Tang Clan's in-house singer and performed on many legendary tracks. She featured prominently on award winning 4x platinum album Wu-Tang Forever, on which she also had a solo track titled "Second Coming". Read more


Her current project Week of the Phoenix sees Tekitha delving into new, exc1t1ng territory working with producer / singer-songwriter Ahmed Soultan from Morocco. Award-winning artist Soultan created his own Afrobian style of music, progressively blending African and Arabic elements with a contemporary edge. In Morocco, Tekitha found a calm and inspiring environment, the solitude of the desert and the energy of century-old traditional villages that inspired her songwriting.


"Week of the Phoenix is a collaborative project between myself and producer singer/songwriter Ahmed Soultan. The symbolism of the phoenix is widely known as renewal and resurrection and for me that is exactly what this project represents. Coming back to the creative space after raising my daughter, who is now eighteen, being married and going through divorce gave me an entirely new perspective on myself and how I wanted to experience life. I needed to reinvent myself while holding true to my core values and dig deeper into and quite possibly change some of my belief systems. Week of the Phoenix is a collection of songs that remind me to be open and share my vulnerability as heard on the songs Midday Illusion & Emotional, to be aware of my responsibility to love and care for those around me as heard on Lucky Lucky, and to walk confidently and fiercely into my future as heard on Friday Night and OK Sunday. I wrote these songs as letters to myself. To give myself the motivation, encouragement and permission to believe in my power." -      Tekitha 

Week of the Phoenix

New single 'EMOTIONAL' 


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